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The community search engine is designed to let members of easyhosting offer services, products or information to each othe

Get started today promoting your site on easyhosting's FREE community search engine using our Unique Placement system. It's FREE to join for our members and you'll get free highly targeted traffic delivered to your site based on the keywords and/or phrases that you choose.

Site descriptions and titles can be fine-tuned to target specific audiences.

You choose your search terms, site titles and descriptions for each term. You have complete control, and you can change your selections at any time through our "members only" Listing Account Management Centre. Once you set-up your account using the online form below, you can return to the account log-in section to manage your bidding account.

Sign-up is easy and you can start receiving targeted traffic in less than 24 hours.

Easy account management:
Our Account Centre gives you access to your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The system uses a pay per click theme but the cost to our members is zero.

To keep some form of order each member is limited to £25.00 FREE credit on signup, The service is totally free but additional free credits will be monitored by our support staff to keep positioning fair and under control.

To help promote the community search engine we have positioned search boxes on our main sites home page and forum


If you would like to add a new 'sticky' feature to your site and generate traffic for the community you can add a search box to you web site. Just copy and paste the code below into your site page.

<!-- Search Box -->
<form METHOD="POST" target="_blank" ACTION="">
<input type=text name=keywords size=25><input type=submit value=" Search ">
<!-- Search Box -->

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