About us

Here at easyhosting, we believe in providing real value for your money, with fast support and reliable service proven again and again to our customers over time. We strive to be the best Internet partner—the only Internet partner—you’ll ever need.

Your hosting accounts are backed up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis on the easyhosting servers for your protection. If you should have a problem with your onsite files due to human error or a force of nature, we can restore your account to the status of the latest backup, which is no older than 24-hours.

But what if the easyhosting server experiences technical difficulties? No problem! We back up our server files to another storage unit, off server.

In addition, easyhosting invests in the latest server tools to provide the best and easiest automatic account functions for your use.
You will have the ability to install a wide variety of scripts with a few simple steps from your control panel. Scripts range from simple people counters to fully functional e-commerce shopping carts.

So, please, take a minute to look at the features included with all hosting accounts by exploring our services.